Summer Update

Hello, all!

I hope you have been having a glorious summer.  A recent trip to Vermont was a much needed bit of respite, but now I’m looking to get back to the grind.  I have no new pooches to show you, however I did wrap up my most recent commission and would love to share it with you HERE

If you think that this holiday season you’d like to give the gift of a portrait to a dear friend or loved one, please contact me!  Believe it or not, it’ll be that time of year before you know it!  I’d love to draw pictures for you!

Here’s my favorite cat, Cheeseburger.  Just because.

photo 5



Bonjour, all.

Happy summer, it’s been a hot one in Philly as of late, but I’ll take it even if it means smearing all of my graphite transfers with my sweaty palms.  Anyway.

You like pugs?  Sure you do, everyone likes pugs. I do. What’s not to like?  They snort, wiggle and are passionate kissers (most of the time they have terrible breath, but I don’t hold it against them).  Probably my favorite thing is how expressive they are, rather how extreme the difference is between their two most common expressions.  They are either joyous goofs or pensive worriers with the weight of the world on their shoulders.  These two ladies only wanted to be photographed looking as serious as a Victorian era sepia-colored photo, but in private I’m sure they let it all hang out. No matter what, they are always adorable.

Pug2Pug1 copy

My current commission is not dog related, but is actually botanical in subject matter.  As always, if you think your dog, cat, lizard, horse, pet rock or house plant (or someone else’s!) would look great immortalized in paint on paper, you know the gal to call.  Rather email.  Email is good.

Keep on keepin’ on.


Mega Pixel

Hallo, friends

My last post got a lot of love, so thanks for that.  You all are wonderful.

Over this past week I got to paint a lovely, fluffy lady named Pixel. She’s kind of adorable, and by kind of I mean I thought my brain would implode from all of the cuteness.  Her human dad seems really happy with the finished piece which is the best thing in the world.


Pixel was yet another challenge, though very different than Penny from my last post.  I realized I had not painted a dog quite as fluffy as this lady, and I had to adjust my process to complete this painting (in fact, I wasn’t in love with the first painting I did, so I completely started over).  She came out alright in the end.

Now on to the next project.  I have two little puggy pups lined up so brace yourself for the obscene explosion of adorable.  I’m really looking forward to this 🙂

And just so you have another picture to look at, here’s some cute little notes I included in Pixel’s shipping box.

Be good,


Springtime update!

Greetings and salutations, good people

These past months have been interesting,  mostly in a good way.  I’m now a homeowner which is both exciting and terrifying. This winter was a good one to go through because we (my life-partner boyfriend and I) learned a lot about our home in a short amount of time, and what we learned was this old house needs a lot of love and heavy labor.

But hey, we’re optimistic.

I’ve kept busy with illustrating a children’s book for an app called FarFaria as I didn’t have too many portraits over the winter.  However, I have just finished a long overdue painting of Penny for a dear friend of mine. This painting was challenging because I had not tackled a dog with powder face (grey) and since Penny is so dark it was tricky to get the different values to blend and look natural.  Eventually I got things to look alright, but there is always room for improvement.


One day I’ll properly photograph my work.  One day…

And for the sake of playing catch up, this next picture is of Reese.  I think she was my last commission before settlement and the move last fall.  I really like how Reese turned out and I think I can draw frenchies and pugs day in and day out.  Squishy faces…so squishy.


I’m thinking of updating my other BLOG to feature my art that isn’t of puppy or baby nature.  Don’t get me wrong, I L-O-V-E drawing dogs and kids but I do create other things.  Also, I like Game of Thrones and I’m working on something pretty cool and would like to share it.

Finally, here’s my bestie Millie wearing a Foo dog t-shirt that I designed last year.  Because she’s awesome.  Like, super awesome.


Good luck out there, y’all.


Happy Autumn, everyone!

I’ve been busy distributing my new promo cards in area around where I work. So far the response has been great and folks are very excited and have already put requests in. If you have made your way here because of a promo you received- welcome and thanks for coming by!

I figured with the jump in blog views and recent inquires I should add some more photos. Here is my most recent commission for a friend, the subject is my favorite old yellow lab that everyone affectionately calls Meaty.


Here are some examples of commissions from last year. I apologize for the terrible photo quality of some, apparently my studio has cave lighting.

NieveScarlett copy

More super-cute babies ❤


Just a sample of some of the portraits from last fall. Whoa, momma, look at all that productivity. Not bad for a gal working almost 3 jobs. Whew.

With fall in full swing, the holidays will be here before you know it. I sound like a broken record, but if you think you’d like to give a thoughtful gift of a portrait this year, it would be best to order yours sooner rather than later, I’ll be moving in a few weeks so I may have to take a some time off. Just so you know!

And don’t forget! The Foo Dog shirts I designed for Primitive Design & Print’s local artist series will be available through the holidays! They are $16 +shipping and when you purchase one, you help struggling artists (like me!) and support a small business in Philadelphia. Feel good and get some awesome apparel. Also, these shirts are soooo comfortable. Like, crazy comfy.

1167370_696291609437_438997195_oKuhn-Foo Dog- Web

Go HERE to shop for your t-shirt!

Alright, thanks for reading my ramblings. Carry on with your business, carry on.


Hello, September.

A new month is upon us, the summer flew by too soon and I’ll be grieving the loss of warm weather for quite some time. Already I’m feeling icky what with the change of seasons happening. But hey, sweaters and hot cocoa will comfort me.

With that said, it will soon be time for the holidays and good cheer and also gift giving! A portrait is the most personal gift you can give a loved one. I know it’s a little early to start thinking about, but the sooner the better! Please email me if you’re interested!

Also, Primitive Design and Print has decided to leave the artist series up for sale through the holidays. These also make great, unique and inexpensive gifts. Also, you get to feel super-good about yourself for helping out a starving artist (like, me, for example) and by supporting a small business. Doesn’t that all sound awesome? Yes, yes it does.  Get your Foo Dog shirt HERE! Here’s a lovely lady who is very happy with her Foo Dog t-shirt!


Alright, until next time.April

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T-Shirts are here!

Hello there!

Just an update post about the t-shirts that I designed!  For anyone who hasn’t read my previous post, A Foo Dog is a Good Dog, I drew this design for a small Philadelphia based print shop called Primitive Design & Print.  Primitive is doing a series of shirts designed by local artists in order to support/promote the artists as well as the shop. The shirts came out beautifully, the details are nice and crisp and the fabric is super-duper soft. Definitely a contender for my favorite shirt! Go HERE to get your Foo Dog t-shirt for only $16!

1167195_696291544567_46040111_o 1167370_696291609437_438997195_o

As for other projects, I don’t have anything in the hopper at the moment. I’m waiting to hear on some news as to what my future living situation will be, which puts a damper on trying to aggressively grow my dog portrait business or start any big projects.

I’d love to get some feedback from you readers. What do you think of the shirts?!

Until next time,


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